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Handknit Pahaska Hats and Headbands

Pahaska Hats and Headbands

Great looking, stylish hand knit hats for sale.

“I have two and just love the fit and style!”Headband

Prices and Shipping

For those that celebrate “the Irish in you”….. here’s a selection of hats and headbands for the Puget Sound folks….. Check out the newest here.

Commitment Statement:
While knitting is a simple past-time and hobby, it is Pahaska Hand-Knit Hats  Company’s thoughtful, and honest intention to create unique, “one-of-a-kind”  hand-knitwear designs and patterns. Our first priority will be to communicate with honesty and integrity. We are proud to state that all Pahaska’s hand-knitwear  is: “MADE IN AMERICA”, using only quality yarns for its goods.  We are using our hobby, to create a fund we will donate to THE CENTER FOR BIOLOGICAL DIVERSITY, to further the efforts being made for the preservation of the Arctic Polar Bears. Please accept our “heartfelt” gratitude to everyone that supports our hobby, and our efforts.

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